About BYS

Your neighborhood studio
A place where we come together to practice all levels, all love, all the time.

If you are new to Balanced, we welcome you to our sacred, fun, and open-hearted studio. You will find that every student who walks through the door of Balanced is met with an open heart both on and off the mat.

We offer a variety of classes at Balanced because we believe in the intrinsic healing power of all forms of asana as well as the lifestyle lived by the yogi/yogini. We are a place where competition is left behind, as we offer all level classes, all the time.

Classes are open to every(body) to promote a caring, non-competitive environment where you can relax, work up a sweat and have fun. So if you are new to yoga, pick a class and start your journey. If you have been practicing a day or a year, keep coming and grow your practice, because every day is a beginner day.

For a full list of classes, please click here.