Kundalini Yoga for Abundance w/ Barry Raccio

Sat Date: Dec 07, 2013
From: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: Balanced Yoga Studio

viewerKundalini Yoga for Abundance is a powerful workshop to expand your heart chakra and attract abundance and prosperity into your life. This yoga set takes you on a spiritual and physical journey into yourself and your heart, teaching you to recognize your value and attract prosperity to you. We will tap into the Heart Center and magnetize your point of attraction through the technology of Kundalini exercises, sound current, mantras and meditations designed to raise your frequency and strengthen the connection to your infinite creative potential. The practice closes with a beautiful Green Energy Meditation which directs the flow of energy through the heart center, and creates an even balance between the energy of giving and receiving.


Barry’s Bio
Through his 15 years of yoga experience, Barry Raccio studied with world renowned teachers such as Yogi Bhajan, Shiva Rae and Gurmukh. Having experienced the amazing benefits of yoga to overcome mental and physical limitations, Barry has dedicated himself to sharing the teachings of yoga with others. Barry received a 200 hour Vinyasa certification with Rolf Gates and his Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 200 hour KRI certification with Mahan Rishi Singh and Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa.

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Past participant testimonial:
“I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga for almost four years now and it has profoundly changed my life. But despite the myths that lead you to believe “spiritual enlightenment” is instantaneous, those years were actually filled with many ups and downs, mostly downs. The road to freedom can be an emotional rollercoaster but KY is a safe vehicle for anyone who wishes to release past life traumas and begin a new chapter. Barry Raccio’s Workshop for Heart Centered Abundance kicked my transformation into gear; I am convinced of this fact. Soon after the powerful class, all of my creative projects took off after being stalled for years. People are attracted to my ideas and my energy, my new GREEN ENERGY of abundance. “Gina Gajdosik

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